The Good Book Campaign

With thoughtful, easy-to-use resources, The Good Book Campaign takes you on a journey through the Bible’s 40 biggest ideas!

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A user-friendly guide to the Bible

By zeroing in on 40 key Bible chapters, The Good Book Campaign helps you unpack Scripture’s biggest ideas in a thoughtful, accessible way.

For individuals and churches

Experience God in beautiful ways as you journey through The Good Book on your own or as part of an 8-week church-wide program.

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Journey through 40 big ideas from Genesis to Revelation

Week 1: In the Beginning

You’re More Like God Than You Think (Genesis 1)

When Everything Broke—Including You (Genesis 3)

Staying Afloat in Troubled Times (Genesis 6)

Faith Isn’t Safe (Genesis 12)

When God Asks Too Much (Genesis 22)

Week 2: God Is Good When Life Gets Messy

On a First-Name Basis with God (Exodus 3)

When Life Seems Out to Get You (Exodus 14)

Ten Keys You Can’t Live Without (Exodus 20)

God Can Use Even Your Failures (Judges 16)

Why Hard Times Help (1 Samuel 17)

Week 3: God Is Big

Making Sense of Your Suffering (Job 1)

Forget the Funeral—This Is Life! (Psalm 23)

Guilty but at Peace (Psalm 51)

God Is Closer Than You Think (Psalm 139)

Words of Wisdom (Proverbs 1)

Week 4: Tough Love, Troubled Times

The Real Face of Jesus (Isaiah 53)

Inferiority and Obedience (Jeremiah 1)

Whose Side Is God On? (Daniel 3)

Integrity under Fire (Daniel 6)

Man on the Run (Jonah 1)

Week 5: Jesus Has Just Entered the Building

Jesus—God with Skin On (John 1)

Welcome to Our World (Luke 2)

What Does Jesus Want? (Matthew 5)

Why Worry Never Works (Matthew 6)

Life over the Long Haul (Matthew 7)

Week 6: Jesus Won’t Leave Us As We Are

Is Jesus Strong Enough? (Luke 8)

The Original Come-to-Jesus Meeting (John 3)

God Is Looking for What He Loves (Luke 15)

Every Scar Tells a Story (Mark 15)

Beating Death (Matthew 28)

Week 7: Following Jesus

Where Is Jesus Now? (Acts 1)

Happy Birthday to Us (Acts 2)

When Jesus Interrupts Your Life (Acts 9)

God Loves the People You Can’t Stand (Acts 10)

What Heaven Holds in Store (Revelation 22)

Week 8: God’s Message for You

Is God Ever Mean? (Romans 8)

More Than a Feeling (1 Corinthians 13)

Can God Change Your Character? (Galatians 5)

Straight Talk (James 1)

Becoming Your True Self (1 John 3)

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